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Welcome to the start of another school year! 20/21 shall indeed be a different kind of experience for all of us


PTSA’s roll in and around Chain of Lakes will look very different as well. We will not be able to interact in the usual ways. 


Your membership is still vital to our year. We want to ensure that our teachers and staff feel more appreciated and valued than ever. We want to recognize them for their increased efforts in educating our children in a variety of ways. They are true heroes!! 


One thing this pandemic has taught us, is how incredibly valuable our essential workers are. On a recent visit to Chain of Lakes, I was amazed at how clean our school is!! Our janitorial staff is doing an outstanding job! We would really like to do something special for them this year. Their break room area really needs some serious sprucing up! If any parents would like to help with this, please let me know. 


While we may not be able to have our large get togethers like our Fall Festival and Spring Fling, we will seek out ways to serve our students and faculty!


Please click HERE  memberships  to sign up and pay for your annual membership. We are doing everything virtual for now! We have Chain of Lakes merchandise for sale on our website as well!


We will not host any fundraisers this year. We don’t want to put any added stress on our families or faculty. If you would like to make an extra donation, you may add that to your membership. We appreciate anything you are able to donate. 


Our first meeting will be via zoom on September 10th at 6:30.


Here is the link~ 


The meeting and password~ 

Meeting ID: 996 161 4669

Passcode: Chain1


We will send a reminder!


We will have our general election during this meeting. Due to Covid 19, we were unable to do so last spring.


If you would like to be added to our ballot and be a part of the PTSA Board, please call or email me! 


Four of the six of us are in our final year at Chain of Lakes and we will need to replace them for sure next year. This will be a great year to get started on the board as it won’t be very time consuming and would give you a chance to ease into the position with training from those of us who have been here for the past two years. 


Thank you all for helping to make this school year as great as it can be!

Let’s try to stay focused on the positive impacts we can make!


Best Regards,



Kim Gowanloch

Chain of Lakes PTSA President

[email protected]



PTSA Information

Please visit our Chain of Lakes PTSA Website for forms to join our school PTSA Committee. Our PTSA is a wonderful group of parents, teachers, students and community members working in the best interest of Chain of Lakes Middle School. PTSA holds many great events throughout the year such as: Fall Fundraiser and Spring Fling.

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