Department Description

ELL (English Language Learners)

ESOL (English for the Speakers of Other Languages)


  • To meet the linguistic, academic, and cultural needs of our English Language learners (ELL), by delivering  comprehensible and differentiated instruction of grade level standards, and using appropriate strategies and accommodations.
  • Help our students develop and strengthen the skills needed to attain learning gains on the state’s assessment (FSA) and meet adequate yearly progress.

Information on Eligibility, Placement, and Exit

  • Parents complete the Home Language Survey (HLS) at the time of registration
  • If there is a “yes” response to any of the HLS questions, an English language assessment is administered to determine further eligibility and appropriate placement in the program.
  • Parents are informed of programs available, and placement procedures
  • Program services continue until the student demonstrates adequate command and proficiency in the English language, as determined by the program’s exit criteria. Academic progress and teacher recommendations are taken into consideration as part of the exit procedures. Students are monitored for two years after exit.